Vancouver Park Board Bringing In Wildlife Expert To Capture Koi-Eating Otter

The Vancouver Park Board is getting serious about capturing that elusive otter – a celebrity in its own right.

A wildlife relocation expert is being brought in to help catch the animal, which made a new home for itself in the pond at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden a week ago and has since eaten about six adult koi carp.

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Previous efforts to catch the otter have come up short. At least three live traps have been set up around the garden, including one close to where officials believe the otter has set up its new den on the western side of the popular tourist attraction.

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The traps have yet to pay off. Even worse, the otter appears to have been able to snatch some of the bait from those traps while evading capture.

Staff from both the garden and the park board are eager to catch the otter and relocate it to an unnamed location in the Fraser Valley, as koi carp are expensive and considered valuable to the garden.

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“I feel really sad that we are losing our koi but at the same time, the otter is really smart,” said Debbie Cheung, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden spokesperson.

“I hope that he is full from eating the bait and doesn’t go after our fish.”

—With files from the Canadian Press



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