The Rockettes Crititcized For Lack Of Ethnic Diversity At Macy’s Parade Performance

Some people have a problem with The Rockettes casting.

The American dance company was slammed for a lack of ethnic diversity among performers in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Those offended expressed their feelings on Twitter.

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“Every year I’m not surprised to see the Rockettes think only white women, two black women, and one racially ambiguous one can dance,’ user @CoyvanGreer said in a seemingly deleted tweet, per Daily Mail.

Twitter/Coyvan Greer
Twitter/Coyvan Greer

Another Twitterverse citizen by the name of Nathan Salstone tweeted, “I see The Rockettes are literally having a white Christmas,” accompanied by a thumbs down emoji.

At least one user came to The Rockettes defence, insisting the casting of dancers has nothing to do with race and everything to do with height and weight requirements. A spokesperson for MSG rejected the idea of racist casting in a statement published by Daily Mail.

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“The Radio City Rockettes have made the Christmas Spectacular a cherished family tradition that has been beloved for generations,” the spokesperson reportedly said. “The dance troupe has had a significant amount of diversity over the years, made up of the world’s best precision dancers who represent varying ethnicities and nationalities.”

The Rockettes are an American staple having been founded in 1925 and performing at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan since 1932.



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