Paris Hilton Insists She’s No Longer The ‘Ditzy Blonde’ From ‘The Simple Life’, Reveals Whether She’d Do More Of The Reality Show

Paris Hilton talks everything from “The Simple Life” to being a “boss babe” in a new interview with Gay Times magazine.

The 37-year-old, who is thought to have recently split from her fiance Chris Zylka, 33, says when quizzed about  misconceptions she’s heard about herself: “I think the biggest misconception is that people still think I’m the ditzy blonde from ‘The Simple Life’.”

“What most people don’t know is that it was a character that I came up with for the show and created for several reasons. I had so much fun doing it and I love being able to prove people differently today.”

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GAY TIMES DECEMBER 2018 • PARIS HILTON in conversation with KIM PETRAS The OG influencer, inventor of the selfie, philanthropist, businesswoman, animal lover, ally. It’s hard to describe Paris Hilton in just one sentence, and far harder to speak on her enduring impact on modern popular culture. In conversation with pop star Kim Petras, she speaks on her admiration for the LGBTQ community, her thoughts on the Tr*mp administration’s harmful policies against trans people and wraps it all with a conclusive “That’s Hot” list. Photography: @vijatm Fashion: @sammykstyle In conversation with: @kimpetras Makeup: @samvissermakeup Set & Props: @sarah_hein_ Set: @mykpierce Hair: @hairbyiggy Nails: @mazzhannabeauty As told to: @wjconnolly Subscribe now via our bio link!

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The Hilton hotel heiress continues to talk about whether or not she would ever do more “Simple Life”.

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She shares, according to Just Jared: “They actually approached me to re-do it again but my schedule was so insane that I didn’t have time to do it so I said ‘No,’ but it would be pretty epic.”

“It changed my whole life since it was the first of its kind. There really was nothing out there like it in the world. After that show, I got to go all around the world and it really just started my career in this business.”

Not ending the chat there, Hilton also discusses what’s in the pipeline, admitting she’ll be focusing on work and enjoying life.

“What’s next? World domination. I’m just going to continue working hard, living life to the fullest, releasing new products, music, and DJ-ing around the world. Just being a boss babe and killing it.”

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