Rachel Weisz wants members of the press to stop asking actresses what it’s like to work with other women.

The British actress delivered the message at the 2018 Gotham Awards on Monday, where she accepted the Special Jury Award For Ensemble Performance for her new film “The Favourite”.

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“I hope one day in the not-so-distant future we don’t get asked what it was like to share the screen with other women,” Weisz said at the end of what was otherwise a lighthearted speech. “Because I don’t think you ever ask men that. But I could be wrong.”

Weisz stars alongside Emma Stone and Olivia Colman in Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Favourite”, which recently won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. The movie sees Weisz and Stone’s characters embroiled in a bitter battle for the affection of the mad Queen Anne (Colman).

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The trio have received rave reviews, with Colman winning the Best Actress prize at the Venice Film Festival. All three women are being campaigned for Oscar nominations. Weisz gave a shoutout to Colman and Stone, who couldn’t attend the Gotham Awards, by bringing out cardboard cutout masks of their faces.

Much of the press surrounding the film has included questions about what it was like starring in a female-led motion picture, something which Weisz pointed out, is only ever asked of women, whereas men are rarely asked what it’s like to work alongside other male actors.

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“The Favourite” opened in theatres last week and became the highest-grossing independent film of the year so far.