Sean Hayes was quizzed about that “Megyn Kelly Today” interview while chatting with Andy Cohen on Monday’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

Hayes appeared on Kelly’s show last year alongside his “Will & Grace” castmates when the host faced an online backlash from comments made about a gay superfan.

She had asked the fan: “Is it true that you became a lawyer — and you became gay — because of Will?”

Telling Cohen about that interview, Hayes said, “That was Megyn Kelly’s very first show. It struck a little chord. Look, I roll with the punches, right?”

Kelly has since been axed by NBC over controversial comments she made about Halloween blackface costumes.

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Hayes also dished the dirt on some of his “Will & Grace” co-stars during his “WWHL” interview, revealing who depends on their assistant the most, as well as who gets the drunkest at parties.

He then shared an embarrassing moment that occurred on set with actors Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman: