Glenn Close Momentarily Turns Into E.T. On ‘The Tonight Show’

Glenn Close stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Monday to talk about her off-Broadway play “Mother of the Maid” and also took part in a hilarious game of “5-Second Summaries”.

In the game, the participants are given a card with a movie title on it and have five seconds to act it out so that the other person can try and guess what it is. The Golden Globe-winning actress wasn’t great at the guessing portion but she absolutely nailed the performance part.

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Close delivered a scarily accurate impression of Steven Spielberg’s E.T., pointing her finger to the sky and creepily saying, “Home.” It was so good that host Jimmy Fallon was able to guess in less than three seconds.

“The Wife” star thought she’d let Fallon down by being unable to correctly identify his clues for “Fast and the Furious” and “Avatar,” but then again, Fallon’s performances weren’t Oscar-worthy so it’s hard to blame Close.

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Elsewhere on the show, Close chatted about working on Jane Anderson’s “Mother of the Maid”, revealing that she set up a “tea table” for her co-stars in the theatre dressing room, which includes tequila “every now and then.”

She then told the story of breaking character during a matinee performance and holding an impromptu Q&A with the audience after she was distracted by construction workers making noise upstairs.

It turns out Close can also do an excellent impression of a pneumatic drill!



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