Alessia Cara Deals With The Pains Of A Breakup In ‘Not Today’ Music Video

She may be hurt, heartbroken and have mascara running down her face, but Alessia Cara is working through the pains of a breakup in the best way she can.

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In the simple – yet stunning – new music video for her song “Not Today”, the Canadian singer/songwriter is seen with mascara-stained tears on her face, singing about how she plans on moving past the heartache of a breakup.

“Someday I won’t be afraid of my head/ Someday I will not be chained to my bed,” she sings directly to the camera, eventually moving lethargically to her bed, the living room and the shower. “Someday I’ll forget the day he left/ But surely not today.”

“One day the thought of him won’t hurt the same/ Won’t need distractions to get through the day,” Cara croons at the end of the track. “I guess I hope I’m gonna be okay/ ‘Cause I’m not today.”

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“Not Today” is set to appear on the 22-year-old’s sophomore album The Pains of Growing, which debuts on Nov. 30.

Check out what else Cara had to say about her new album in the video below.



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