Kevin Smith Suggests He Is To Blame For Fractured Relationship With Ben Affleck

Kevin Smith seems to be taking ownership of his relationship with Ben Affleck or lack thereof.

The split between “Chasing Amy” director Smith and actor Affleck has been dissected publicly by the media and Smith himself in the past. Smith, 48, was recently asked why the two are no longer in touch and Smith took ownership.

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“Sometimes I wonder what really happened between Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith that made them not talk to each other,” a fan asked. Who would have thought Smith would respond.

“If I had to guess? It’s because one of us has a big mouth and told too many candid stories that sometimes weren’t his to tell, and the other one is Ben,” Smith admitted.

Smith once told a story about Affleck that was taken out of context and got the actor in hot water

“When I gave him the script, I said, ‘At one point in the movie you end up kissing Jason Lee.’ And I contextualized it as I set up the story, you’ve got to remember this is 1996,” Smith told Daily Beast earlier this year. “And a young Ben Affleck said, ‘Kissing another man is the hardest acting challenge an actor will ever face,’ or something like that.”

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“And it was a true story about a young f**king kid in a completely different era,” Smith reminded readers. “So if you’re Ben Affleck, the only time you probably see my name is in relation to how I make your life harder in some way.”

One must wonder if Smith’s latest tweet might somehow mend their relationship.

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