Alessia Cara Confirms She’s Back Online After Taking Social Media Break Due To ‘Disgusting’ Trolls

Warning: The following messages contain coarse language.

Alessia Cara has slammed online trolls after receiving a slew of nasty comments.

Cara, 22, shared some of the negative posts on her Instagram page Monday, before hinting she was ready to take a step back from social media. However, she’s now confirmed she’s back online after the “shortest break ever.”

The musician shared:

Cara’s comments come after she posted, “This is the s**t I read on a daily basis,” before calling the people on the internet “disgusting.”

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The Canadian singer added in a video: “This whole world of Stan culture, while it’s amazing and great and connective a lot of the time, it can be very hurtful.

“It gives people a platform to not only put people against each other but feel like they can say whatever they want to anybody all of the time. It sucks and it doesn’t feel good.”

She added, according to the Vancouver Sun: “When you say those things to somebody, even if you’re trolling or just trying to make a joke, it makes that person’s day that much harder — at least speaking for myself.

“I need some time away from it directly, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks. Sometimes I think you need to step away from those things.”

Cara put on an epic performance at the 106th Grey Cup in Edmonton on Sunday. She performed hits “Stay” and “Wild Things”, which featured a band of drummers.

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