Axl Rose Calls Freddie Mercury ‘The Greatest Frontman Of All Time’ In Rare Interview

Axl Rose revealed his love for Queen and Freddie Mercury in a rare new interview.

The 56-year-old Guns N’ Roses singer spoke to Atlas ahead of the band’s Abu Dhabi show, which ended up being cut short due to Rose falling ill.

The musician said, when asked whom he thought was the greatest frontman ever: “For me, it’s easy – Queen is the greatest band and Freddie [Mercury] is the greatest frontman of all time.”

Rose, who joined Elton John and Queen to perform “Bohemian Rhapsody” at a Mercury tribute concert in 1992, added: “The band are the greatest because they embraced so many different styles.”

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The interview also saw Rose admit there were still places Guns N’ Roses hadn’t performed in, despite travelling the globe for years.

“We played Iceland for the first time this year and we’re playing Hawaii for the first time this December – there are always places left to go.”

Rose said of his favourite city, “New York will always be special for me. When we were in LA we were playing the Hollywood club scene but New York is where we wanted to be. We have done so many performances there over the years – the city holds a lot of memories.”

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