John Oliver Talks ‘The Lion King’, Beyonce And The Koala Chlamydia Ward Russell Crowe Named After Him

John Oliver doesn’t want too much credit for the popularity of the new “Lion King” remake trailer.

The “Last Week Tonight” host appeared on Tuesday’s “The Tonight Show” where Jimmy Fallon introduced him in hilarious fashion by “accidentally” throwing a paper airplane through his glasses and into his eye.

“That shouldn’t be possible,” Oliver cried.

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When he finally sat down to be interviewed, Oliver talked about the release of the trailer for “The Lion King”, which got over 45 million views after dropping online last week.

“I’ll take for let’s say 400 of those,” Oliver said, “Let’s give the rest to Beyonce.”

Oliver said he was watching the trailer as it aired on TV over Thanksgiving, but his wife’s cousin wanted to know, “Why is your name before Beyonce’s? That seems pretty f**ked up.”

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Later in the show, Fallon got Oliver’s reaction to a pretty disturbing face-swap.

“That’s very impressive technology that could be used for a great number of good things,” Oliver said. “I think deep down we all know it’s going to get used for porn.”

Oliver also revealed that after a stunt for his show, in which he bought Russell Crowe’s jockstrap from the film “Cinderella Man” at the actor’s divorce auction, Crowe used the money to build The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward in Australia.

“It might be the single best practical joke I’ve ever been on the receiving end of,” Oliver said.

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