Casey Kasem’s Daughter Blasts Scientology Claims Of Late Legendary DJ’s Wife, Police Report Indicates No Evidence Of Crime

Legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem passed away at age 82 in 2014, yet an ugly interfamilial battle continues to rage regarding control of his estate.

The latest skirmish between Kasem’s widow, former “Cheers” actress Jean Kasem, and her late husband’s grown children from his previous marriage, featured some bizarre allegations posed by Kasem during an appearance on investigative journalist Dylan Howard’s “All Rise” podcast.

On the podcast, Kasem claims the Church of Scientology was behind a plot to murder her the “American Top 40” host in order to control his fortune, estimated at $80 million.

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“It was pre-planned,” she says in the podcast. “It’s very clear and it’s very convincing that they wanted to seek physical control of Casey, human traffic him and trap him in a hospital, chemically restrain him and kill him.”

However, Julie Kasem — Casey’s daughter from his first marriage — says those claims are ridiculous, speaking out in video obtained by TMZ.

According to Julie, while her sister Sherri is a Scientologist, neither she nor her brother Mike have any association with the controversial church.

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“Scientology has absolutely nothing to do with this case,” she insists. “This is about getting justice for my father.”

In 2015, Julie, Sherri and Mike Kasem filed a wrongful death suit against Jean Kasem, alleging that their father died of elder abuse at her hands.

On Friday, police in Gig Harbor, Washington, revealed the results of their investigation into Kasem’s death, determining there was no evidence to support Jean Kasem’s claims that the radio DJ’s children were responsible for his death.

According to Gig Harbor Police Chief Kelly Busey, police investigators found no evidence of wrongdoing, and was planning to forward the case to Pierce County prosecutors for review.

Gig Harbor police opened their investigation in October after Jean Kasem submitted the report of a private investigator that implicated her late husband’s children in his death.

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