Taraji P. Henson Feels Like A ‘Boss A** B**ch’

Taraji P. Henson is feeling herself.

The “Empire” star shared her thoughts on a multitude of subjects in a new interview with InStyle. When asked how she was feeling at the moment Henson confidently boasted, “I feel like a boss a** b**ch.”

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Henson, 48, has fans all around the world but some studio executives would have her think otherwise. “Hollywood executives would tell me that I don’t have fans all the way over there,” she revealed. “I said, ‘You’re lying because they can reach me any time. I’m a finger tap away, and they let me know every day.’”

One trip to Paris with the “Empire” crew made Henson’s previous statement all the truer: “Then we go to Paris [to promote ‘Empire’], and its standing room only in a room with 1,500 seats. I cried. If you believe what people tell you… you can’t let people tell you s**t.”

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“I don’t care if you’re young or old or what color you are, art is so powerful. You can show things to people you’ve never met and you can broaden horizons,” she expressed. “I don’t take for granted what I have, and I try to use it in any way I can, positively.”

Henson will next star in “What Men Want” and The Best of Enemies” in 2019. The January 2019 issue of InStyle is out on newsstands on Dec. 7.

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