Jenny Mollen went into full-on mommy mode on American Thanksgiving

The “Crazy, Stupid, Love” actress recently revealed how her 1-year-old son Lazlo was bitten by a dog. “So, Laz was bitten by a dog on Thanksgiving,” Mollen said Wednesday on her Instagram Story. “He is totally fine. He’s completely okay.”

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Her son walked away from the encounter relatively unharmed. Although Lazlo likely won’t bear any visible scars, Mollen seems to be the one who is emotionally scarred.

“I’ve just been having a mental breakdown over it as a mom,” the 39-year-old actress said. “But, tomorrow marks a week since it happened. I have to like pull my s**t together. I wrote about it, and I’m feeling better.”

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“So I’m moving on and I’m coming back to you guys,” she said of her brief Instagram hiatus. “We’re back in a relationship… but I needed some time because I can’t think of anything light to say when I go that dark.”

Mollen shares two sons with husband Jason Biggs: Sidd, 4, and Lazlo.

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