Conan O’Brien is looking for an upgrade.

The “Conan” host did something unfathomable in North America: he rented a family. O’Brien, 55, travelled across the planet for his new special “Conan Without Borders: Japan”.

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Two days into his journey O’Brien was already feeling homesick. He decided to meet with rental Family Agent Ishii Yuichi, apparently a real thing you can do in Japan.

O’Brien was given photos and descriptions of potential family members such as a temporary wife and son. When the professional informed him he can hold hands and hug the rented wife but “no kissing,” Conan responded, “just like my current marriage.”

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Finally, O’Brien met his new family: a wife, a daughter and a father. O’Brien requested his rented family laugh at all his jokes, a luxury he no longer experiences with his own kids. He also asked his new father to apologize for a yelling incident in the 1970s involving cream corned and an episode of “The Love Boat”.

O’Brien eventually hit the town with his new family to explore Tokyo. What a life.

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