Ellen DeGeneres wastes no time in quizzing Jennifer Lopez on when she’s going to tie the knot with Alex Rodriguez during Thursday’s show.

Lopez, 49, who recently finished her “All I Have” Las Vegas residency, insists “I don’t know!” as DeGeneres, 60, tells her A-Rod, 43, texted her to say he was going to propose.

The musician laughs, “We’ve been together a couple of years, it’s nice.”

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Lopez’s interview also sees her discuss getting older, with DeGeneres complimenting her on how incredible she’s looking right now.

The “On the Floor” hitmaker says, “I like not to think about [age], I go with more of how I feel inside and I feel very youthful and energetic.

“Maybe that’ll change, but right now I feel pretty good.”

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The appearance then sees the pair play a game of “5 Second Rule”, with the singer also speaking about her latest movie “Second Act”, in which she stars alongside Leah Remini.

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