Hailey Baldwin is talking about her future with husband Justin Bieber.

The 22-year-old model graces Vogue Arabia‘s two December covers, looking unrecognizable on one cover thanks to her transformation into a disco diva with glittery pink eye shadow and glossy lips. In the second black-and-white cover, Baldwin shows off her stunning features with a much more natural look, rocking slicked-back hair. She also shows off her massive engagement ring.

Though Baldwin has been tight-lipped about marrying Bieber this year, she does address her pop star husband in the interview, and notes that it’s her dream to start a family.

“I love kids and I can’t wait to have my own,” she says. “I would say now that’s a closer reality.”

However, the magazine notes that Baldwin says they’re not planning to expand their family “any time soon.”

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Introducing Mrs Bieber: Hailey née Baldwin – now @haileybieber – is our #December cover star. The model – newlywed to @justinbieber – appears as you've never seen her before, embodying our maximalist vs minimalist theme. And what’s next for the year's most talked-about woman? “I love kids and I can’t wait to have my own. I would say now that’s a closer reality." Cover 1 of 2. . نقدّم لكم السيدة بيبر: هايلي بالدوين سابقاً – والتي تعرف حالياً باسم هايلي بيبر، نجمة غلافنا لشهر ديسمبر 2018 – تظهر عليه كما لم ترونها من قبل. تصور موضوعنا وهو قوة الأسلوب الناعم والبسيط. ما الذي يخبئه المستقبل للسيدة التي يتصدر اسمها الأحاديث هذا العام؟ "أحب الأطفال ولا أطيق الانتظار حتى أنجب طفلاً. الآن يمكن أن أقول عن ذلك واقعاً قريباً". الغلاف الأول من بين غلافين. . . #VogueArabia #HaileyBieber #HaileyBaldwin #Fashion #Style #PartySeason #justinbieber Editor in Chief @mrarnaut | Photography @zoeygrossman l Style @bobette_cohn l Hair @jennykim__ l Makeup @morgane_martini l Nails @elinaogawa l Interview @alexandriagouveia

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"I try my absolute best to be removed from the spotlight,” says #December cover star @haileybieber. In an accompanying interview, the Hollywood royal opens up about fame, her father, and her dreams of starting a family with husband @justinbieber. And let’s not forget that 10-carat diamond… Soon on sale! “أحاول قدر استطاعتي أن أبتعد عن الأضواء،" هذا ما قالته نجمة غلاف مجلتنا لشهر سبتمبر #هايلي_بيبر في مقابلة خاصّة. حدثتنا نجمة هوليوود فيها عن شهرتها، والدها، وأحلامها في أن تنشئ عائلة مع زوجها #جاستن_بيبر. دعونا لا ننسى ذلك الخاتم المرصّع بماسة 10 قيراطات. قريباً في نقاط البيع . . . #VogueArabia #HaileyBieber #HaileyBaldwin #Fashion #Style #PartySeason Editor in Chief @mrarnaut | Photography @zoeygrossman l Style @bobette_cohn l Hair @jennykim__ l Makeup @morgane_martini l Nails @elinaogawa l Interview @alexandriagouveia

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Baldwin later explains how she copes with her intense new level of fame since marrying Bieber.

“I spend increasingly less time on social media,” she shares. “This has helped me balance everything that comes with this life.”

Of course, she already grew up in a famous family. Her father is actor Stephen Baldwin, and she’s the niece of Alec Baldwin. Still, she says she was able to have a “normal” upbringing.

“I got to have a normal childhood and teenage years,” she says. “I didn’t start getting recognition on my own until I was around 19. There are some ‘normal’ things I never did — like go to college — but I do think I was able to learn how to have a schedule, be on time, and be responsible, all because I started working at 17.”

In October, Baldwin gushed about her “incredible” husband in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, and said she was continuously “blown away” by him.

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