Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals He Likes Pineapple On Pizza, Tweets Hilarious Response About Pizza Preference To ET Canada’s Sangita Patel

While the Internet is divided on whether pineapple belongs on a pizza, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might have just influenced the world in favour of the topping.

The actor, 46, shared a photo of himself holding a giant pineapple pizza, sporting a muscle shirt, on Thursday via Instagram.

“Got the glorious text from my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi that read ‘DJ, need a mid-week carb up for your big scenes tomorrow,’” Johnson, who is currently filming the upcoming “Fast and Furious” spinoff, wrote. “‘Eat a pizza and send me your pics in the morning.’”

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Johnson says he responded with a simple, “Watch. This.”

He then talked to his followers about his favourite pizza topping, the very controversial pineapple.

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“As for my pizza toppings – keep in mind, I’m the guy who likes to put tequila and brown sugar in my oatmeal, so pineapple on pizza is MY JAM – with ham,” he continued.

And most of Johnson’s followers loved his topping choices. “You know it’s legit if he’s doing it!” wrote a commenter.

While some stars — including Jimmy Kimmel and Gordon Ramsay — are opposed to the notion of pineapple on pizza, Johnson offered a hilarious response to a query set from from ET Canada’s own Sangita Patel, who thought he seemed like “more of a pepperoni/meat lovers pizza kind of guy.”

Quipped The Rock: “Pepperoni and meat lovers were in the other two boxes.”


-Hawaiian pizza.



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