Laura Prepon was caught off guard when she was asked during the “Todd & Jayde in the Morning”; radio show on 95.5 in New York City which co-star was the better kisser: Piper, played by Taylor Schilling, from “Orange Is The New Black”; or Eric, played by Topher Grace, from “That ’70s Show”;?

The “OITNB”; actress was quick to pull the trigger, noting that Schilling was, in fact, the better kisser. “Topher would kill me, but I’m going to say Taylor,”; Prepon said with a smile.

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The actress was also a good sport, adding some personal hygiene tips. “We’re big on Listerine strips,”; Prepon said. “Those are incredible.”;

She continued, “I think Taylor likes gum — every actor has their own thing.”;