Julia Roberts, who hasn’t shaved her legs in a week, would like the media to highlight things other than her age in news stories, for example, like the hairiness of her legs.

The “Homecoming” star makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday and talks about her annoyance with news outlets front-loading their stories with a celebrity’s age.

“I mean, I would rather they say, ‘Julia Roberts, who hasn’t shaved her legs in a week,’ like, at least that gives you some kind of, sort of interesting information,” Roberts jokes. “It’s not true,” she quickly makes clear.

Naturally, this leads to DeGeneres checking out Roberts’ legs herself. “It’s like a little 5 o’clock shadow you have going on,” the host quips as she strokes the Oscar winner’s leg.

Elsewhere on the show, DeGeneres reveals that she has something in common with Roberts’ father – they both sold vacuum cleaners.

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“My mind is blown,” Roberts states, before getting into a battle with DeGeneres over which vacuum is better, Eureka or Hoover.

Roberts then chats about her high school days working at a restaurant called Showbiz Pizz.

“I wore a bear costume and brought out the birthday cakes,” she explains. “I was not the only person to wear this costume… so when you would get in it, before you put the head on, you’d have to be like, ‘I can do this for minimum wage.'”

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Later in the show, to help Roberts get more followers on her newly created Instagram account, DeGeneres brought out surprise guests to snap some selfies, including Martha Stewart and Roberts’ “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Homecoming” co-star, Dermot Mulroney.