Ruth Wilson speaks about the bizarre moment she had to “give birth” to her own father in her new BBC series “Mrs Wilson” during an appearance on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show”.

The 36-year-old, who plays her real-life grandmother, Alison Wilson, in the show, explains, “It’s completely insane. It’s madness to turn up and play the mother to my dad and my uncle.

“I have to give birth to my own father at one point, which is totally bizarre. I do feel sorry for my dad. As an actor, I have put my parents through so much on screen and now he’s got to watch his daughter give birth to him. It’s so weird!”

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Wilson recently discussed the series, in which her grandmother discovers she is not her late husband’s only widow, during an appearance on U.K. morning show “Lorraine”.

“She died when I was 22 so I knew her relatively well and she lived around the corner but, of course, she was a woman full of secrets and I remember her really as the woman who we find at the end of episode 3, not the woman before that.

“So I had to go through all of her poetry and her memoirs, and it was an amazing privilege to discover and to play and to get under the skin of someone that had been in your life for so long that you didn’t actually know that well.”

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She added of having to protect her family during the show, “It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, definitely, because you have the pressure of delivering the story but protecting your family.

“Making sure that all the members of the family that are seen on TV are served in the correct way, or how they’d like to be seen. We made sure all of the scripts were seen by all of the family members and that they had a say.”

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