Michael B. Jordan discusses the downsides to filming the “Creed” movies with Graham Norton on Friday’s show.

The 31-year-old recalls how he got punched in the face for real while shooting the first of the films: “It felt like I was in a car accident but I wasn’t technically knocked out. I was seeing stars but I thought it must be a good take so I stayed down!”

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The actor’s interview also sees him discuss Sylvester Stallone and his recently uploaded video in which he announced his “Rocky” retirement. The star has played the beloved character for over 40 years.

Jordan explains, “On the last day of filming everyone gave their wrap speech and he segued into passing the torch to me and I got really emotional really fast because I wasn’t expecting it from him whatsoever.

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“It’s a character that he has played for 40-plus years — longer than I have been alive. It was pretty special.

“We’ll see what happens with ‘Creed III’. I’m pretty sure [Stallone]’ll be back.”