Al Gore Applauds ‘South Park’ Apology On ‘The Daily Show’

Al Gore has been vindicated by a former foe.

The longtime climate change alarmist stopped by “The Daily Show” earlier this week, where he acknowledged “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s apology in the form of a two-episode arc during the show’s 22nd season.

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Parker and Stone had originally portrayed Gore’s rhetoric in season 10 as a “ManBearPig” — a non-existent creature that wasn’t worth worrying about. However, earlier this month, the creature reappeared within the animated series, proving to be very real and very worrisome — all a metaphor for climate change.

In the video above, Gore is asked about the storyline by a “Daily Show” audience member, to which he responds with genuine surprise and enthusiasm.

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“All of a sudden, a few weeks ago — out of the blue — they come out with these new episodes, and the kids on ‘South Park’ realize ManBearPig is real!”

The former vice-president of the United States said, “Honestly, I was so impressed. I don’t know these guys, Matt and Trey, and I kind of thought they were nihilists — but funny nihilists. I thought it was a hell of a statement by ‘South Park’ and I appreciated it a lot.”


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