‘Safe Haven’ Set Visit With Josh Duhamel And Julianne Hough

Our very own Roz Weston travelled to the hot and insect-infested North Carolina set of Nicolas Sparks’ new film adaptation Safe Haven, to hang out with the equally hot (not so infested) stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough.

The film stars Josh as widowed father-of-two, Alex, who develops a relationship with the mysterious new girl in town, Katie, played by Julianne.  Katie seems determined to avoid forming personal ties and she slowly begins to let down her guard, putting down roots in the close-knit community.  But even as Katie begins to fall in love with Alex, she struggles with a past that sets her on a fearful shattering journey across the country.

Julianne has hit the ground running in the past year, taking off in Rock of Ages, and told Roz that being in a Nicolas Sparks film has different sort of requirements.  “I said I was doing a Nicolas Sparks book-movie working alongside Josh Duhamel and all of my friends swooned. They were all like “are there any lovemaking scenes?'” she said continuing, “and I’m like “yeah, there are!'”;

And it turns out we happened to catch one of those scenes, in all its awkward glory. It’s a good thing that Fergie is totally supportive of her hubby’s roles, because it can’t be easy when you come to visit the set and your significant other is wrapped up in a love scene with Julianne Hough!

“Fergs came to visit… and the five minutes she’s here is the big swooping scene where we have to come together and kiss,”; Josh tells Roz. “And I was like “couldn’t you have come an hour ago?'”;

Just in case we thought that maybe Julianne missed out on the awkward moment, you’d be wrong. “It was funny, because right before we went out to do it, I looked at him and went “uhhhh, is this ok?'”;

Not to worry, Julianne and Fergie are actually good friends, but just to be safe Josh said he reached out to Ryan (who was Julianne’s beau at the time) before they started shooting just to make sure everything was kosher: “I talked to Julianne and Ryan before, there’s not going to be any crazy Hollywood scandals on this movie.”;

Watch Roz’s uncut interview with Josh and Julianne below!



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