Paris Jackson Claps Back At ‘Disgusting’ Tabloid Article Claiming Her Family Is Terrified She’ll Suffer The Same Fate As Late Father Michael

Paris Jackson is firing back at a report from Radar Online claiming her family is “terrified” that she’s on the same drug-fuelled path that took the life of her father, Michael Jackson.

In the Radar Online story, anonymous “insiders” and “family friends” claim that the model-singer is “so lost right now and everyone believes that she is doing drugs with [boyfriend] Gabriel [Glenn].”

The situation has become so bad, the sources claim, that Paris’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, “cries over it constantly because she has not seen this side of Paris,” while an insider claims “she won’t let anyone come close enough to her to help,” and that “no one can save her from herself.”

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Meanwhile, Paris is calling B.S. on the story, sharing tweets to insist “not one word in it is true.”

In her final tweet on the subject, Jackson points out that she’s “never read an article from radar about myself that’s actually true, but this is crossing a line. just disgusting.”

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