Grimes Responds To Poppy’s Allegations Of Being Bullied: ‘Let It Go’

Poppy and Grimes may have collaborated on the new song “Play Destroy” but they are far from friends.

It is rare to hear musicians speak ill of how their fellow artists behave behind-the-scenes. Enter Poppy. The 23-year-old electropop singer is accusing Grimes of immoral behaviour and using intimidation tactics.

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“I was kind of bullied into submission by [Grimes] and her team of self-proclaimed feminists,” she recently told Billboard. “We planned the song coming out months ago, and she was preventing it. I got to watch her bully songwriters into signing NDA[s] and not taking credit for songs that they were a part of.”

“She doesn’t practice what she preaches. It’s really upsetting to work with a female that is very outward about a topic, but behind closed doors, it’s the complete opposite,” Poppy continued. “It’s actually very disheartening to people that are actually feminists and supporters of other females.”

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On Sunday, Grimes responded to the accusations of being a “bully.” In a social media post for Instagram Stories that she later deleted, Grimes blasts Poppy with both barrels, claiming she “dragged [her] into a disgusting situation.”

“Poppy, you dragged me into a disgusting situation and won’t stop punishing me for not wanting to be a part of it,” she wrote. “I don’t want to work with you, you leaked the song anyway. U got what you want. Let it go.”


Poppy’s second studio album Am I a Girl? dropped on Oct. 31, Halloween 2018. It features the singles “In a Minute” and “Time is Up” featuring Diplo.

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