50 Cent Says He ‘Wouldn’t Have A Bad Day’ If His 21-Year-Old Son ‘Got Hit By A Bus’

There’s apparently no love lost between 50 Cent and his 21-year-old son Marquise Jackson after the eldest child of the “Candy Shop” was photographed palling around with the son of his father’s longtime rap rival, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff.

In response to the pic, 50 Cent offered a caustic response. “If both these little [n-words] got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day,” he wrote.

As you might expect, fans were taken aback by such a display of apparent cruelty from a father to his son, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins.

50 Cent later took to Twitter to explain his harsh comment.

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“I have zero ill will towards anyone living on this Earth,” he tweeted on Friday. “The people Shanquois [sic] son looks up to and associates with is a reflection of the negative energy he embraces towards me. I paid his mother $1,360,000 in support to afford him opportunities I never had.”

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