More Than 200 Artists And Filmmakers Create Bizarre Remake Of ‘Shrek’

One of the more ambitious YouTube projects has just been unveiled: a scene-for-scene recreation of animated hit “Shrek”, featuring the work of more than 200 filmmakers and artists.

The brainchild of Milwaukee-based comedians 3GI Industries (which has hosted the annual Shrekfest since 2014), “Shrek Retold” is a bizarre mishmash of animation, live action and digital art, recreating the beloved 2001 animated comedy about a grumpy ogre (voiced by Mike Myers) and a donkey (Eddie Murphy) who cut a deal with a nefarious prince (John Lithgow) to rescue a princess (Cameron Diaz) to be his bride.

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Viewers apparently like what they see; since being posted on YouTube on Nov. 29, “Shrek Retold” has received more than 950,000 views (to find out who’s responsible for which scene, 3GI has shared a handy spreadsheet).

Response from fans has been ecstatic; check out this sampling of Twitter reaction:




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