Jason Momoa Originally Auditioned To Play Batman

He may be Aquaman now, but Jason Momoa reveals he once auditioned to play Batman.

Though Ben Affleck would eventually be cast as the Caped Crusader, Momoa went to the audition to give the role a shot.

“Yeah I kind of visualized, because it was a generic kind of just general scene from the Christian Bale movie ‘The Dark Knight’ and I just…it was a big casting call so I knew a lot of people were going to be doing it and I just felt like it was a booby trap and I just didn’t want to do it,” he says during an interview with his “Aquaman” co-stars for the Build series in New York on Monday.

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The 39-year-old actor says he provided decided to play Bruce Wayne as the kind of guy who punched people in the face.

“I just pretended like Batman got killed in an alleyway and I picked it up and tried to play him like I was just down and out, poor, over it, just done wrong and he wasn’t afraid to punch even good people in the face,” he says. “And just go like unforgivable about certain things but also like flawed, like the kind of person who would jump off a cliff and figure out on the way down what we’re going to do.”

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But alas, Moma’s take on a face-punching Dark Knight wasn’t meant to be. Instead, he was called upon to play the reluctant underwater king in “Aquaman” which came as a surprise to the actor.

“They liked that and then I got called in about probably two to three weeks later and that’s when [director Zack Snyder] laid it down and said ‘I want you to play Aquaman’, which was completely like ‘Excuse me?'”

“Aquaman” hits theatres on November 21.

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