Jacob Tremblay was absolutely adorable at the Oscars and it’s no wonder, the 9-year-old breakout star was the secret weapon in Room.

In the Oscar-nominated movie, Tremblay perfectly embodies Jack, a 5-year-old boy who lives with his mother Joy (Oscar winner Brie Larson), in a squalid shed they call “Room”; before he triumphantly escapes.

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“We spent a long time looking for our Jack and Jacob Tremblay stood out from early taped readings that I got sent,”; director Lenny Abrahamson said in ET’s exclusive look behind the casting of the young actor, available on the DVD/Blu-ray set, out Tuesday. “Jake is very unique, I think, and really quite amazing.”;

“We’ve been extremely lucky with Jacob. He’s 8 years old playing 5, but he’s also an experienced actor — he’s done this before so he’s not coming to it for the first time,”; raved producer Ed Guiney, as we catch a glimpse of young Tremblay in character on set.

“He’s incredibly bright and [has] great concentration, but he’s still a kid, he’s still a boy and full of life and full of fun and mischief,”; Guiney added.

Larson, who thanked her “partner”; Tremblay during her Oscar acceptance speech on Sunday, revealed the three questions he asked her in their first meeting.

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“What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite animal? And do you like Star Wars?”; Larson shared. “And that was the beginning of it.”;

Tremblay, for his part, credited Larson for helping him get into the right mindset for specific scenes.

“When I need to be serious, she helps me be serious,”; the actor adorably explained.

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At the Oscars, Tremblay was joined by his parents and they chatted with ET about becoming Internet sensations after being dubbed the “hot parents”; of awards season.

“I was sitting at the Golden Globes and my phone started going crazy,”; Jacob’s dad, a police detective in Vancouver, told ET on the red carpet. “I checked it on commercial break and it was family, friends and a lot of co-workers from work giving me a hard time. But it’s all in fun.”;

“It’s not a bad thing to be called!”; he added. Press play on the video below to watch the rest of the ET interview.

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