The 2019 Pirelli Calendar is all about “dreaming” and there’s no one better suited than actress Julia Garner when it comes to dreaming big.

The breakout star of “Ozark” continues her streak of must-see projects with “Maniac”, “Dirty John” and the soon to be released Amazon show “Modern Love”. So when she was asked to make the transition from actor to model – what better way then teaming up with Pirelli and photographer Albert Watson?

Watson has photographed some of the best of the best, from David Bowie to Kate Moss and Steve Jobs – oh and he’s done over 250 Vogue covers… not a bad resume.

Credit: Pirelli
Credit: Pirelli

But Garner was still a bit worried since she was in the middle of filming “Ozark” down in Atlanta, telling ET Canada from Milan: “I was in the middle of shooting episode 9 or 10 for Season 2 when I was doing this and I was so worried because I feel I look so ugly on ‘Ozark’. I look tired, because the character Ruth is always disheveled and I was like ‘How am I going to look good for Pirelli’? Then I wasn’t worried because Albert was taking the pictures.”

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And Garner explains it was nice to go glam for a while, a break from her “Ozark” character’s rough around the edges transformation: “Yes it is a photoshoot and there’s makeup and hair – it’s not like ‘Ozark’ where they are putting dirt in my finger nails so I can look more dirty.”

“There’s going to be a manicurist on set. But this was different, I was acting a part and Albert was directing and taking the pictures. I loved it because it was a mixture of both fashion, because it’s Pirelli, but also it’s still a production.”

Credit: Pirelli
Credit: Pirelli

As for how co-star Jason Bateman reacted when she told him the news, his mind instantly went to what many know Pirelli for… tires. “I told him I was going to do it and he was like ‘Wait, are you going to be in a racecar?’ and I’m like ‘No.’”

Garner will be going back to the much-loved Emmy nominated show in May, and while she couldn’t give us any details on what’s in store for the Byrde and Langmore families, she’s just crossing her fingers she’ll be around for years to come.

She shares, “I am always asking the showrunner, who’s a dear friend of mine, ‘Am I dying this season?’ Because whenever you see the show you are like, ‘That person died? Wait what!? They were so important in the project.’ So, we will see if I die, he says I’m not [going to] but… we’ll see.”

Now, don’t worry about the 24-year-old, she’s got a few more projects that will be announced very soon. But if you need your Garner fix in 2019 you’ll see her alongside Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Dev Patel and Catherine Keener in “Modern Love”, a romantic anthology series based on The New York Times column.

And Garner gushes about “Shameless” star Emmy Rossum directing her in the “Modern Love” episode: “It was great. She’s so wonderful and so talented and she’s a really good director. Everyone knows her as this great actress and great singer, she’s like Jason Bateman in a sense where she’s multi-talented because she can do so much.”

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