Playing A Protective Parent In The Thriller ‘Bird Box’ Hit Home For Sandra Bullock

Her new role playing a mother faced with dire circumstances while trying to protect her children in the new Netflix thriller “Bird Box” wasn’t much of a stretch for Sandra Bullock.

The Oscar-winning actress tells ET Canada “every single parent” has that protective mama bear instinct in them.

“It comes out of fear and worry that your child is going to be harmed,” the mother-of-two says. “I’ve never been challenged in that way so mine is just… I raise my voice if I have to. You know, ‘don’t run out into the street.'”

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“As a parent, they’re given to you and you go ‘I’m gonna spend the rest of my life worrying about you,'” she adds.

In “Bird Box”, Bullock plays a woman who blindfolds herself and her two children in order to keep them from a haunting supernatural force that causes people to see – and react – to what they fear most with devastating consequences. Filming the dystopian thriller meant that Bullock and co-stars, including John Malkovich and “Moonlight” actor Trevante Rhodes, spent a lot of the production with their eyes covered, proving to be a challenge for the actress.

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“I found I got so crabby,” Bullock explains. “And like you get down on yourself cause you go ‘the one thing I have in my pocket… I have to get to a place and then all of a sudden you get to that place and you don’t have your eyes to convey it anymore. It was so frustrating for me.”

“Bird Box” lands on Netflix on Dec. 19.




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