‘Daily Show’ Correspondents Take Over The Desk After Trevor Noah Loses His Voice

Trevor Noah’s recent trip to South Africa apparently didn’t do his voice any favours.

After hosting the Global Citizen Festival honouring Nelson Mandela on Sunday, the “Daily Show” host returned to America Tuesday to discover he’d lost his voice.

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Rather than let the late night show go dark, Noah had his comedian correspondents fill in, reading his script for him while he sat next to them miming and gesturing as he normally would.

Speaking for Noah during the opening, correspondent Mike Acosta explained in Noah’s words that “over the weekend, I lost my voice and my doctor told me not to speak at all or I might get surgery, so I cannot say a word. Luckily, I have Mike Acosta to be my voice for today.”

Acosta, still speaking as Noah, added that he would “say everything just the way I was going to say it, including the n-word. Just joking, he’ll be fired before the word leaves his lips.”

Later in the show, when the subject did turn toward the subject of race, Acosta pretended to get an urgent call, at which point Roy Wood Jr. took over the desk.

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After the show, Noah thanked fans for the support on Twitter and explained that due to concerns over his voice he will be postponing the rest of his standup shows for the year so he can focus on rehab.



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