Armie Hammer And Dakota Johnson Talk Sex Scenes And Snorting Fake Cocaine

Variety’s “Actors on Actors” video series is back, this time with Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson sharing their experiences working in the movies.

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The two actors sat down to talk to each other and found a point of connection right off the bat given that they have both starred in films directed by Luca Guadagnino, Hammer in “Call Me By Your Name” and Johnson in “A Bigger Splash” and “Suspiria”.

The actors also had a point in common with Guadagnino getting them to engage in relatively frank sexual scenes on-screen.

Hammer asked Johnson, “Do you think sex in movies is dead?”

To which the “Fifty Shades” star responded, “Yeah, because I killed it.”

Johnson continued, “I think movies are meant to tell both completely unrealistic and completely realistic stories. I think Luca fully embraces the humanity of it. And I think that’s what I love about him and the way he sees relationships. And also, I think in studio films, of course, you’re covered up because sex and nudity make people uncomfortable because people in America, specifically, have been sexually oppressed for so long. So maybe it’s a testament to being a European filmmaker.”

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Hammer also talked about the interesting experience of having to pretend to snort fake cocaine for his manic role in this year’s “Sorry to Bother You”.

“It was like B12, but they had a hose that went down my shirt, into my hand,” Hammer explained. “Then I had the wrapped up $100 bill with the hose that went into that, so I didn’t even have to snort anything.”

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