Justin Theroux’s name is pretty similar to that of the Canadian Prime Minister and it’s caused him no end of trouble.

On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Kimmel welcomed the “On the Basis of Sex” star by introducing him as “the likeable leader of our friends up north” and “a prime piece of minister on top of that.”

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Kimmel went all out with Canadian flag drapes, the Canadian national anthem and cheering Canadians in the audience upon Theroux’s entrance.

Once he was seated, Theroux called Kimmel out for apparently thinking that he was in fact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Why would the Prime Minister of Canada be here, this isn’t Canada,” Kimmel said, trying to play the whole thing off, only to be interrupted by men dressed as Mounties offering Tim Horton’s doughnuts.

Another man dressed as a lumberjack also brought out maple syrup for Theroux and Kimmel to drink from shot glasses.

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After revealing that his father is actually half-Canadian, Theroux also revealed that he sometimes is confused for Trudeau online.

“Someone is outraged that he slighted Trump,” Theroux said of the PM, “and then they’ll say, ‘Justin Theroux should pay for his crimes.'”

Theroux did lament that people don’t seem to confuse them the other way around, with people thinking that Trudeau was starring in movies, or as Kimmel pointed out, that he co-wrote “Tropic Thunder”.