Jennifer Lopez’s father, David Lopez, has been deeply ingrained in the Scientology circle for more than 30 years, but his famous daughter has not followed in his footsteps.

Remini, the host of A&E’s hit docu-series “Scientology and the Aftermath”, says her close friend JLo never came close to signing up.

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“Jennifer is a very strong-minded female and is a seeker of spirituality. She’s Catholic — always has been — and her father is a very indoctrinated Scientologist, and has been for quite a long time,” Remini said. “He’s achieved the confidential levels of Scientology. But Jennifer makes her own decisions.”

“She disagreed with the disconnection policy, so she wasn’t going to submit to any pressures from anybody regardless,” Remini told The Daily Beast. “She was a really good friend to me through all that.”

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The Church of Scientology has a practice of “disconnection,” by which members have to cut ties with friends and family who speak out against the religious body. Needless to say, Remini emphatically protested any possibility of Lopez joining the church.

Season three of “Scientology and the Aftermath” is currently airing.