Hannah Gadsby Slams Hollywood’s ‘Good Men’ In Powerful Gala Speech

Hannah Gadsby slammed all the “good men” out there as she took the stage at The Hollywood Reporter‘s 2018 Women in Entertainment gala on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old gave a powerful speech as she addressed the crowd at the lavish event, explaining how “men draw a different line for every occasion” and that’s not OK.

The “Nanette” favourite said, “I find good men talking about bad men incredibly irritating. This is something the good men are doing a lot of at the moment. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with the Jimmys and the Davids and the other Jimmys.

“But the last thing I need right now in this moment in history is to have to listen to men monologue about misogyny and how other men should stop being ‘creepy,’ as if that’s the problem.

“Men are not creepy. Do you know what’s creepy? Spiders, because we don’t know how they move. Rejecting the humanity of a woman is not creepiness. It is misogyny.”

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Gadsby continued, “My issue is that when good men talk about bad men, they always ignore the line in the sand. We need to talk about how men will draw a different line for every different occasion.

“They have a line for the locker room. A line for when their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters are watching. Another line for when they’re drunk… a line for friends and a line for foes. You know why we need to talk about this line between good men and bad men? Because it’s only good men who get to draw that line.

“And guess what? All men believe they are good.”

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The Aussie comedian then insisted, “Women should be in control of that line. No question.”

Gadsby also said how the “line” metaphor doesn’t stop with the “good men” of Hollywood, it also affects people of colour, different sexualities or those with disabilities.

“Everyone believes they are fundamentally good. We all need to believe we are fundamentally good, because believing you are fundamentally good is part of the human condition. But if you have to believe someone else is bad in order to believe you are good, you are drawing a very dangerous line.”

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