One of the best parts of Google is seeing what other users have commonly searched for using Google’s Autocorrect feature. Type in “Why does”; or “How to”; and see what other words pop up.

Wired had some fun with this feature and asked “London Has Fallen”; actor Gerard Butler to take part in an interview solely based on Google Autocomplete’s most commonly suggested searches when you type in his name.


Some interesting facts we learned about the actor were that he is mostly Scottish with hints of Irish, he is not engaged, he does have a real accent and he really did sing in “The Phantom of the Opera”;. While Butler admits he did not have an Instagram account at the time, he did go on to get one, gaining 60,000 followers in the span of five days with zero posts.

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Other odd facts? Butler prefers chewing gum over chewing tobacco and he still surfs, but more recently has taken up paddleboarding.