Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning Michael Douglas addressed a number of controversial and highly-publicized topics on the “TBD with Tina Brown” podcast which airs on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

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Douglas, now 74, chastised a report published by The Hollywood Reporter. According to the article, Douglas allegedly harassed well-known journalist and author Susan Braudy and masturbated in front of her. “I was extremely, extremely disappointed in The Hollywood Reporter, which has been having a crusade in this area,” Douglas told Brown.

“Now the way this generally works is somebody makes a charge and then [reporters], if they are responsible, reach out as they did to every person I worked with over 25 years and they did because everybody got back to me,” he continued. “And there was nobody that ever [corroborated] that accusation. So, I thought it was really a misuse of power.”

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Douglas also opened up about his relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. The “Wall Street” actor said he developed a friendship with a more “charming” Trump back in the ’80s, a stark contrast to the man in office today.

“I think once the Mueller investigation started, which is the beginning of his presidency, he’s been shadowed with what he knows, and where this is all going to go,” Douglas expressed.