P.K. Subban, 26, is familiar to most in his Montreal Canadiens hockey uniform, but he’s suiting up once again as an ambassador for RW & Co.’s Men’s line.

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“I love dressing up and probably more importantly I just enjoy looking good,”; he smiles. “What’s pushed me to be on board again… is the fact the suits now cater to me, people with more of an athletic build.”;

ET Canada’s Natasha Gargiulo was on set with Subban in Montreal as he was shooting the Spring 2016 campaign.

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It definitely has a James Bond feel to it and the hockey star doesn’t mind the comparison to the super suave spy. “I’ve seen all the movies… it’s cool,”; he laughs.

And another thing that’s cool — P.K.’s commitment to charity work. He donated $10 million to the Montreal Children’s hospital in September. It was hailed as the biggest philanthropic donation by a sports figure in Canadian history.

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“To some degree I think that everybody should give back a little bit,”; he says, adding: “It is important to me.”;