Youngster Is So Nervous About Meeting The Queen He Crawls Right Out Of The Room

A nine-year-old boy named Nathan was among a group of people who honoured by a visit from Queen Elizabeth II when she dropped by the official opening of a new centre named after her.

Nathan, wearing a smart-looking suit, is posing with his proud parents — British singer David Grant and his wife, TV presenter Carrie Grant — as the Queen is ushered in.

According to the Telegraph (and verified by the video below), as the Queen walked over to greet the lad, he dropped to the ground and began crawling away, scuttling like a little crab to the adjoining room.

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“Bye!” he announced as the 92-year-old monarch processed what had just happened, appearing briefly baffled before breaking into a grin.

Nathan’s parents couldn’t resist having a laugh on Twitter:

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