Farrah Fawcett’s Nephew Files Lawsuit Over Late Aunt’s Storage Lockers

The nephew of the Farrah Fawcett has launched a lawsuit claiming he was bilked out of valuables left to him in her will, which he alleges were hidden in various storage lockers he was not aware of.

According to legal documents obtained by the Blast, Greg Walls is suing the trustee of the late “Charlie’s Angels” star, Richard Francis, and her boyfriend, Ryan O’Neal.

In his suit, Walls states that he was named as a beneficiary in Fawcett’s will, and upon her 2009 death was bequeathed all her personal items, including “all other household articles and personal effects of [Fawcett,] including but not limited to, jewellery, household furniture and furnishings and vehicles.” In addition, he also received $500,000.

As Walls’ suit explains, these “personal items” were being held in a variety of storage units throughout Los Angeles, and the estate hired a man named David Pinsky to organize and inventory the items so Walls could determine what he wanted to keep.

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However, Walls subsequently learned that Pinsky was a friend of O’Neal and Francis (Fawcett’s former manager), and now believes Pinsky was acting on their behalf by not revealing the true value of what was located in the lockers — and subsequently learned of three more storage lockers he had previously been unaware of (he was told they mostly contained “junk” when he asked about their contents). 

In 2016, Walls discovered that a number of Fawcett’s personal items had been showing up for sale in online auctions, and he was able to trace them back to those particular storage units.

On November 28, 2018, “Storage Wars” stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda shared a video on YouTube in which they revealed that, two years earlier, they purchased the contents of Fawcett’s storage units, paying $3,500.

However, Nezhoda insists that Fawcett’s lawyers “cleaned out most of the good stuff” and they were left with whatever was left over.

As Nezhoda tells the Blast, he ”had the lawyer call me and ask what I thought the value was, I told them less than $5K. The lawyers took everything. I bought several celebrity lockers in the past and this is the first one we lost money on.”

However, Walls’ suit alleges that believes Pinsky gave O’Neal and Francis “a heads-up” about those other units and believes they “cherry picked” anything valuable from them. Walls’ suit claims Francis has “breached the fiduciary duty he owed to the Trust,” and is asking that he be removed as a trustee.

Walls is also asking that for a full accounting and inventory of all assets, for the return of all the items “wrongfully” taken.

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