Alec Baldwin Talks Shooting Low-Budget Movies And Getting Killed Off On A Soap Opera

Alec Baldwin has had a long and varied career but lately, he’s found himself doing a lot of very small movies for very little money.

Appearing on Thursday’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, the 60-year-old talked about his transition to producing films for as little as $150,000.

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“The budget for movies we’re doing now is like the budget for Tic Tacs on ‘Mission: Impossible’,” Baldwin joked.

He also said that doing small movies is a little tough on the wallet now that he has four young children.

“I’ll turn to my wife and I go, ‘You realize we’re not going to make any money on this movie. The money I’m making on the movie, it’s just going to cover the hotel bill,'” he said. “And my kids are there drinking $20 glasses of orange juice.”

Later in the interview, Baldwin talked about his stint on the soap opera, “The Doctors”. The show was cancelled in 1982 while Baldwin was on it, the actor jokingly suggesting his bad acting was the cause of its demise.

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He also shared the unique way he was killed off on the show.

“I was killed by two people, simultaneously, unaware of each other’s presence,” Baldwin said to the amusement of the audience.



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