Disney Give Fans A Sneak Peek Of Tokyo’s Incredible New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Ride

Disney Parks have given fans a sneak peek of the eagerly anticipated “Beauty and the Beast” ride, which is set to be unveiled at Tokyo Disneyland in 2020.

Workers told viewers how the project, titled “The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast”, was coming together, explaining how the attraction had all been modelled around the classic 1991 flick.

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The ride includes animatronic figures of Belle, The Beast/Prince and her horse, along with carriages that people can sit in to make it feel like they’re dancing to the music.

Visitors enjoy the attraction from the comfort of their giant teacups, with them being taken around the room as the beloved songs play in the background.

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One of the ride’s highlights is expected to be the much-loved ballroom scene, with the “Be Our Guest” track no doubt also up there with the best bits.

This is the first ride that’s been dedicated entirely to the Disney movie, despite the dressed-up characters having been a favourite around the parks for years.

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