‘Rudolph’ Star Slams Critics As Christmas Classic Sparks Bullying Debate

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” actor Corinne Conley has hit back after critics accused the much-loved film of bullying.

Conley, 89, who voiced Sue’s doll in the 1964 TV movie special, told TMZ that she completely disagrees with accusations that the flick spreads anything over than joy during the holidays.

The actress explained, “I would say [the movie] is more relevant now than ever because there is so much bullying going on. But, I mean, it’s all reconciled in ‘Rudolph’, and surely people wouldn’t love it so much — if it left a resonance of bullying, it wouldn’t be so indelible on people’s hearts.”

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“People read my credits and say, ‘Oh, you were in Rudolph!’ and they start to cry. I don’t think they’re associating ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ with bullying or at least bullying that hasn’t been reconciled.”

Not ending her comments there, Conley also said: “There is quite a bit of bullying going on right now at this time, so perhaps we’re all getting a little more sensitive to it, but that’s good.”

“I don’t think by getting sensitive to bullying that you want to copy it. You want to get rid of it! Let’s hope in today’s society the things that people are bullying about can also be rectified. And I don’t think people are tempted to bully so much if they watch nice, warmhearted shows like ‘Rudolph’.”

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Conley then quipped, “I just can’t imagine it affecting anyone in a negative way. They must be like Scrooge. Tell them to watch Scrooge.”

The star’s comments come after a video posted by Huffington Post sparked an online frenzy, with the publication pointing out the horrific abuse Rudolph allegedly endured during the film.

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