Amal Clooney Talks To Father-In-Law Nick Clooney About ‘Unwanted Advances’ From Men In The Workplace

Amal Clooney is opening up about having to deal with “unwanted advances” from men throughout her career.

At the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston, she sat down for a Q&A with her husband George Clooney’s father, journalist Nick Clooney, to talk about her experiences as an international human rights attorney.

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According to People, 83-year-old Nick asked Amal if she had ever experienced sexual harassment at work.

“Yes,” she said. “In the sense of unwanted advances that were inappropriate and awkward to deal with.”

Amal continued, “Yes. And I think at the time, I would not have felt comfortable speaking out about it because other [women in similar situations] weren’t, and so I think that’s changed now.”

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The 40-year-old does see a better future for her 18-month-old daughter, though.

“I think the workplace is safer for my daughter and is more fair than it was,” she said. “I don’t think women of her generation are going to expect that that’s just something that we have to put up with and I think now it’s the men, or the harassers, who have something to fear and not the victim. And that’s a very good change, so thank you to the women of the #MeToo movement.”

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