Meghan Trainor exudes confidence when she takes to the stage, but the “All About That Bass”; singer admits things weren’t always that way.

In a new interview set to air on CBS Sunday Morning, she tells interviewer Tracy Smith that she grew up struggling with body image.

“I — every day — wore sweatshirts and sweatpants to cover up my body, ’cause I was so insecure,”; she says. “And it would be summer. And I would go on vacation and I’d be in Trinidad and Tobago, 90-degree weather, and I’d be wearing sweatshirts that said “Nantucket.'”;

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It was so bad, she says, even the pleas of her family to change into more weather-appropriate clothing couldn’t entice her to change.

“I didn’t want to show my arms,”; she says. “I didn’t want to show anything, and I was just so insecure and uncomfortable, and I thought, “All right, if I’m fully covered — I’m good.”;

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It’s only now, she says, that she can look back and see how much this affected her life.

“And that’s not what I should have been feeling,”; she adds. “I see pictures of my face and I’m just — I’m like sad, and I’m in a sweatshirt and I’m in my room producing ’cause I just turned off the idea of, like, “You’ll be the face.'”;

You can catch the entire interview on CBS Sunday Morning which airs, as its title would suggest, Sunday morning on CBS.