Nick Cannon Retweets Homophobic Jokes From Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman And Chelsea Handler To Make A Point About Kevin Hart

Warning: Offensive language appears in the tweets below.

While Kevin Hart quit a high-profile gig hosting the Oscars after homophobic tweets from his past resurfaced, Nick Cannon took to Twitter to retweet some homophobic jokes made by white, female comedians in order to make a point.

The former “America’s Got Talent” host — who, not unlike Hart, quit that job after backlash over his use of the N-word in a comedy special — retweeted old tweets that, to be fair, are every bit as offensive as the remarks made by Hart.

Cannon began by retweeting a 2010 tweet from Chelsea handler, in which she uses a homophobic slur, wondering “if there was any backlash here…”

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Cannon, 38, followed that up by retweeting a 2010 joke from Sarah Silverman, using another version of that same homophobic slur.

He then did the same thing with a similar tweet from Amy Schumer, dating from 2012, writing, “I’m just saying… should we keep going???”

While Cannon doesn’t specifically defend Hart, his aim appears to be pointing out a double standard that exists when homophobic comments are made by a black man vs. a white woman, admitting that he himself has “been saying f**ked up s**t” since twitter started,” insisting, “I don’t play that politically correct bulls**t!”


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