Amber Heard And Jimmy Fallon Engage In Spicy Food Battle

Jimmy Fallon finds out if Amber Heard can handle the heat.

The “Tonight Show” host invited “Aquaman” star Amber Heard for a spicy snack. Fallon, 44, challenged Heard, 32, to eat two tortilla chips. One cradled a raw jalapeno pepper and the other was drizzled with liquefied ghost pepper.

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Adding stakes, the two celebrities were required to make eye contact the entire time. The first person to look away or take a sip of milk was declared the loser. Both Fallon and Heard toughed it out, but you can tell Heard was handling the heat far better than the late-night talk show host.

The spicy food challenge was inspired by Heard’s “Aquaman” co-star Jason Momoa. His children would add spice to Heard’s strict superhero diet for some much-needed zing.

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“He can’t sit still,” Heard said of Momoa’s attention span. “So no matter what, he will push, prod, nudge, shove you, anything to get your attention, especially if you enjoy a quieter activity, like reading and on set I like to read.”

Aquaman” swims to theatres Dec. 21.



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