Spoiler Alert: This article shares details from Part 6 of Netflix’s “The Ranch”. If you don’t want it spoiled than this is not the article for you. Do not fret! There are plenty of other great content for you to peruse on etcanada.com.

Danny Masterson’s exit from Netflix’s “The Ranch” has finally been explained on camera.

The actor was fired by the streaming service in response to multiple sexual assault allegations. On Friday, the fate of his character Rooster was revealed in Part Six of “The Ranch”, the second half of season three.

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In the Part 5 finale, Rooster made a run for it after Mary’s ex Nick threatened him at gunpoint. Ashton Kutcher’s Colt looks for his missing brother after he fails to show up for work in Part 6.

Later, a call comes in notifying the family about Rooster’s motorcycle found at the bottom of a cliff. No body is found, but the police pronounce him dead. Colt is so convinced his brother is alive that he refuses to attend Rooster’s funeral.

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At the end of the episode, Colt receives a package from his brother containing a custom-made sign for the Bennett Brothers Ranch, a onesie for his niece, and a thank-you note for Colt, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Despite being kicked off the show, Masterson still supported “The Ranch” Part 6 premiere.